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On Line Clarity Coaching call. Get clear on your unconscious sabotaging behavior that is causing you to use food as a distraction, and comfort with over eating and binging.

I’d love to understand more about where you are at right now. What are your biggest challenges? What are the most important things you want to accomplish over the next 3 months?

Running your life, staying balanced with your health and weight, business, family, travel can take a lot of time, energy and planning

Taking care of yourself and wanting to feel better and look better shows a certain amount of determination and motivation. So, I was wandering what you most need right now?

I would be grateful if you could take a moment to let me know what areas of your health and wellbeing are calling you to take care of them right now and what do you need most?

I am reaching out to you to take me up as I offer a very special 60 to 90 minute clarity coaching callwith me for free.

Many years ago I tried out a technique of a system to help with changing my mins set and feeling better that helped me with my weight balance and maintaining a long term mind set towards my health and wellbeing, it helped with healing food obsessions and addictions and is working better than anything I’ve ever hoped for or experienced before.

From just making a few simple changes and applying some simple techniques things can start to happen very quickly. I have since been tweaking this system and it has been working extremely well, so well that you never have to go back to your old way of doing things.

This explains why I have not had to go back to MY old way of doing things, this new model has replaced everything.

As a result of this experience the people I coach get really motivated and inspired, about what it is that they really want to achieve, particularly in the area of wellness and feeling on top of the world again.

I help people to get really clear on their goals, uncover their obstacles that are holding them back. As well as get crystal clear on what their next steps are.

I am willing to walk you through and give you a clarity session for free.

I look forward to hearing from you, if you have any questions about the clarity coaching call, please do not hesitate to contact me. I also look forward to hearing about your detox experience.

Fiona Robertson



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