A Wise Woman knows the 3 best secrets that stop her wasting her time and energy

What you are about to discover is the single most important exercise you will ever create,

to trust your intuition in all the decisions you have make in your busy day

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I am Fiona Roma Robertson, and I have arranged a way for you to experience your intuition first hand. An experience that will forever change your approach to difficult, time consuming and stressful situations. You will become crystal clear in your direction and decision making, and have an inner knowing for every choice you have to make.

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You have a call waiting for you on the other side, where I will personally share with you how these 3 best kept secrets, will save your valuable time, energy and money in your busy every day life, in your relationships, your health, family and in your business.

      The quickest and easiest way to find and trust your inner guidance system, your Wise Woman intuition is ready and waiting for you right over here.
  • Unless you are tuned into your intuition, chances are you are spending 2 or 3 times more energy, hours and money, than you need to on your family, relationship and personal dilemma’s
  • Did you know that there is a quick and easy 5 minute technique that will help you when you are in a dilemma. Improve all your decision making processes with a warm inner knowing
  • The single most important exercise you will ever do to create trust in yourself, and in your intuition lies just moments away. It contains 1 action that takes just 5 minutes to do, that will forever change your approach to every single situation, decision and worry that you encounter, in your busy and over scheduled day.


I really loved our sessions together, I was struggling with my family and caring for my mother, and still running my business at the time, when we met. I was washed out and getting sick myself.

I had no energy to function normally and was continually fire fighting all the rising situations. However, I felt immediately serine when I was guided to my sweet safe place by you, and met my intuitive self. I began to trust the guidance given to me, and now I trust her implicitly. This alone has proved to be a revolution in my busy days and every day life. I no longer try and control every situation and can relax knowing that I am supported with the best advice I can get. I knew which care home would be best for my mother, I knew what to do about my children in my separation, and how to handle my business while all this was going on.

The experience has been wonderful and remarkable, I am converted to use my intuition with my family, ask for guidance with my business and health concerns.

Suzanne Middleton. Cheshire

I was asking for some help to come to my house to help me with plumbing, painting, building so that I could get my detox and intuitive women retreat studios built…. I was nervous that I was to have strangers in my new home. So  I did something that I was intuitively driven to do. For each person that applied I tuned into them and felt if they would be OK to be in my house, and if they were good workers for me? I checked out their energy and how they felt to me, then made my decision. Each time when I then met the person who came to stay and work with me, it was just as I had felt it would be, easy and a joy to be around the house and my family. The process had cut out the effort, worry and stress as I had already met these people and felt their energy as if I was with them in person. My intuition told me clearly for which I am very grateful indeed.

Personal experience, Fiona Robertson


I have used your tuning into my instincts technique recently as I was on a dating site, and wanted to know if the men I was about to meet were safe and friendly. I have never been wrong yet. I love that I can tune into someone to feel if they would be a good match for me. So far this is working very well indeed.

I have since also used it when interviewing candidates for a job I was trying to fill. Again it was a great way to make the best use of my limited time and efforts

Amber, Edinburgh.

I could not have kept going at the same rate. I was exhausted, unhappy and stressed. I was worried beyond worried. I only began to see the light and feel the calmness that was possible after our call. I was drowning under family pressure and paper work.

Being able to go to my safe place and rest for 5 minutes and come back with a fresh outlook was revolutionary to me. I for once felt clear and controlled.

My perceptions have changed and I have tuned in and had insights that have saved my time, energy and money as well as days and weeks of potential worry.

I am converted and speak to my intuition daily for guidance. We are a good team

Thank you so much I am a changed woman, out of the quick sand bog and into day light again, I feel lighter and brighter than I can remember in years.

Michelle Tabber, Portugal