Rainbow body,
The colourful way to communicate through vibrations.

We are proud to be facilitating this experience to guide you to the end of the Rainbow. Where you will have learnt the skill and language of vibrations. This is a unique opportunity to experience communication through vibration, re connecting with your spirit and body’s hidden wisdom.


5 day experiential workshop feeling into our Rainbow body,
and sensing the two way communication through vibrations.

A 5 day experiential workshop is a way for you to feel the vibrations, energy and ease of living this way. This program has been created by Fiona Robertson and Bernadeta Hodkova, who are in the flow, following their intuition. You will have great fun all along the way just as we have, entwined with huge amounts of discovery, testing, learning, enjoying and remembering your body, feeling its vibrations and your own unique capacity to communicate through vibration.

When you are guided by the Rainbow, it will will bring back your attention on your body, and how it is communicating with you, through feelings.  You can finally let the mind enjoy the ride.

How to be body aware and feel your real vibration

Knowing your own personal nourishment

Sensing how to take care of your own body and her needs

Emotional Eating

Discovering the meaning and wisdom of your body

The reasons behind why we leave the body

Energy exchange and protection

How to fit into your environment

Communicating through vibration

Sensing the vibration of animals and nature

Grounding exercises

Meditation and visualization

Sensing lightness and intuition

Experiencing of past lives and a body soul relationship

Trusting the messages we receive

Spending time in the energy of horses

This is a 5 day experience to let go of your fixed beliefs, society programming and just feel your way forward.

This Rainbow experiential workshop is to be held in The Basque Country, S.W. France, accessible via Biarritz Airport.


18.00 Saturday 28th May to 9 am Friday 3rd June 2016

Price is 1,150.00 Euros full board in a shared room

If you have a question please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fiona: fiona@fionarobertson.co

Bernadeta: beradeta@getting-better.org

France: 0033 559545635

By working with us you contribute to the wild animal rescue center here in the Basque country, http://www.hegalaldia.org/

One of the many things that came out of my sessions with Fiona was that I like things to be done a certain way, I come from a company background and I was in charge, I traveled a lot and Yes I do like to be in charge.

I was not open to many changes when my friends suggested them, I seemed to like routine, but with some special focus I discovered surprisingly that I really like a lot of variety, so I was sabotaging my own possibility of having fun experiences.

Fiona taught me how I could feel into each option from my own body and Gut reaction, with what she calls Body Wisdom. I learnt how to tune into my own body.

With support and encouragement from a fellow world adventurer, traveler and Camino walker, Fiona guided me how I could make this really a fun experience all round. She gave me a fun theme through homework, for the weeks ahead for any negotiations that I could approach with a new perspective that simply worked every time. No longer the woman set in her ways, but a woman who knows her self and her own boundaries and a new love of live and traveling the world with a different style.

Patricia, Spring 2015

As a therapist I enjoy my work with other people and teaching them to enjoy Music, sound and relaxation. Yet I was out of control and stretched to the max and not really enjoying my life at all, Food especially in the evenings had become my savior. When I met Fiona I had gained a lot of weight and was embarrassed, I was exhausted and ready for some change. We worked initially on my emotions and how they had rested in my body and were doing what they thought was protecting me. I was taught that my body wants to be heard and my mind can become a helpful advocate when they find each other and communicate together.

The work we did in the sessions was a method like no other I’ve experienced. We would get to know the energy that was causing me to hold onto weight and experience a feeling that I was not fulfilled and invite it to leave, no forcing was necessary and I needed to be sure that I did not want to hang onto this energy any longer or like a gremlin it would hang around and not leave. Together we discovered that many pleasures were in fact void in my life, not much fun and not much of what I thought I liked. This in fact was the hard part conjuring what gave me real pleasure, as it had been a long time. The list grew and I started to adopt an attitude of Me, Myself and I, putting myself 1st, 2nd and 3rd and do you know what happened then, without any effort my body shifted and changed not only did the weight start to melt away, I was so happy with myself and respected myself, my decisions as I could feel for the first time I was communication with my body, mind and spirit. I was not forcing the change or what I did or did not do or eat. I was careful and respectful of this body I had grown to love, honor and trust. It was just a beautiful result.

I am a new woman and So, so happy. Sarah O’connor. 2015