Rainbow Body
The colourful way we communicate through vibration

5 day experiential workshop with lots of discovery, testing, learning, enjoying and remembering your body, communicating through vibrations rather than words, connecting to your spirit and feeling its vibrations and your unique capacity.

Most of the time we over think, contemplate, concentrate, analyze, evaluate. This time we can just let ourselves be.


What is at the end of the Rainbow for YOU?

What you will take home with you,

A feeling of lightness

A sense of loving being in your own body

Communication through vibration

Connect to the spirit in your body

A sense of understanding one another

Knowing your own nourishment

You will experience gentle physical activities, visualization, relaxation and discover new things about yourself, in the natural wild and free vibrations of the Basque Country.

Where will your Rainbow lead you?

We’ll discover how feelings vibrate through you, test how food influences your mood, what happens when you move and when you laugh. You will touch and feel the presence of nature and animals, experience your own soul and past lives, and most of all have fun with various communication techniques.

You’ll lean how to easily cope with overwhelming and everyday situations, and how to set yourself up and keep in your best feeling mode. We tap into the wisdom and knowledge that we each posses and make it work!


Horses have been our companions since the beginning of time on earth. They live wild here in the Basque Country. These gentle beings, who are free but not wild will invite us to share their space. They are our teachers of subtle communication. You will be able to test, play, share and experience their vibration, and feel what it is like to be together, in different activities in a safe environment.

Fiona Robertson


Fiona is an author and an intuitive Body Wisdom Coach who helps you to re-new your body holistically. She is the creator of the 7 day detox program at Retreat Biarritz as well as the owner of the Home Detox Box. A Full time mom of 2, she has incredible amounts of energy and enthusiasm for teaching and sharing her experiences, that has brought her to her passion for healing our soul connection. She has poured her soul into this project.


Feel how you connect and vibrate with animals

Sense the vibrations of nature

Know your own best nutrition

Sense yourself loving the body you live in

Understand your body wisdom

Communicate with your soul

Feel lighter and able to cope with every day situations

Understand the vibrations of your family, friends and surroundings

Bernadeta Hodkova


Bernadeta is Holistic and Spiritual Regression Therapy practitioner and a trainer but above all full time mother and a partner. Her knowledge and abilities in healing lead to the ability to uncovering this potential with her clients. She has vast experience in teaching in multinational background. Beyond human world she loves to contribute to the harmony of life forms on our planet.


This experiential workshop is to be held from

18.00 Saturday 28th May to 9 am Friday 3rd June 2016

Price is 1,150.00 Euros based on full board, in a shared room

For more information about the program follow this link……Rainbow Body

By working with us you contribute to the wild animal rescue center here in the Basque country, http://www.hegalaldia.org/

Why a Rainbow?

We are humans possible of living in the full spectrum of available life. The ups and downs and available to take in all the colours of the Rainbow, and way beyond what we see as the visible spectrum. To help us to thrive here on earth. The Rainbow is a symbol of something that has wonder at the end of it, a symbol of promise, exciting and of something mysterious.