Supporting you as you release, reset and reconnect with your body.

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The 2.2.2 Total Body Re Set is a support and coaching Program that will run over the Summer months of, July and August 2017, support you to lose 2 stone in 2 months, together with me.

This is the most integrated Mind Body and Spirit integrated Detox and weight loss program, a leading edge process including integrated nutrition, mental and emotional detoxing and spiritual body aligned system, to lose weight in record time, so you can enjoy the freedom you’ve always desired and LOVE the body you see in the mirror.

Over 2 months I will show you how you can lose to 2 stone (28 lbs/12 kg ) so that you can be in the body of your dreams. I will show you how you can ….

Fiona Robertson

Body Whisperer

This program has clearly shown me, and hundreds of women just like you, that there is way more going on here than food in and food out when it comes to the weight loss story.

This 4 Pillar process goes way beyond body transformation. Not only does your body release physical weight, but we’ve all had – more success in business, raised our income, attracted new partners and healed our relationships with family members that have been at the route of many of our weight problems.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL LADY!       I‘m Fiona Robertson, An Intuitive Body Whisperer. I support women as they release, reset and reconnect with their bodies.

Just like you, who are struggling to find their way through the diet world and figure out what the missing ingredient is, and find a proven system to lose weight and create some more miracles in their life.

There is nothing more responsive to your thoughts than your body,

 is just one element that we will be resetting and clearing up.

In the next 2 months I’m going to show and support you how to really heal and love your body, nourish yourself with the best nutrition, as I share mind, body and soul wisdom that helped me to create a body I love and the richest and juiciest life I could ever have dreamt up.

This is the body renewing at its very best, the secret missing and integrative link, that no one else is sharing – except me, and is the way you change your body at a molecular level, so that you can lose weight and change literally everything that you attract.

Why? Well, because learning this method to Re-Set your body is the fastest way to reinvent yourself, and become the woman you came here to be. Using these 4 Pillars to supports you to experience the body you want to be in, the weight you want to be, and is the route to an all round juicier life.

I just can’t wait to show you what can happen in the next 2 months.

Let me guess


Your obsessed with how you look and your weight


You have hopped from one diet to another and your still losing the same amount of weight each time and never reaching the vision you have of the woman you really want to become.


You my lovely lady, are sadly trapped in a war with your body, habitually feeling like it’s an up hill struggle. I know your confused and tired of all the effort and seeing no rewards.


The painful part is seeing yourself and judging your physical body because of the feelings you have. In order to walk with a lighter step and radiate as a beautiful woman – who has vibrant health, you need to be aware of your spirit and move beyond the body.


I’ve helped dozens of women, worldwide, to create a true sense of worth and ‘Overcome the Undercurrent’ and release the old habits and beliefs and acknowledge the woman they are becoming.


So are you willing to do the ‘2.2.2 Re-Set’ practice with me, over the next 2 months, that led me to turning my weight story from a subject that haunted and evaded me, into a story of success and pride to be in my physical body? Say ‘Yes’ and give up all the feelings of struggle once and for all.

So What’s in this 2.2.2 Total Body Re-Set?

OK so here is what’s included in this ground breaking program, a bundle of goodies that will have you shedding the weight that you carry, faster than you’ve ever seen before.

  • Support from me Fiona Robertson, I am an Intuitive Body Whisperer and weight loss coach. 2 hours of 1 to 1 coaching sessions, taken over the 2 months of the program – to discover what is creating your personal undercurrent that has your body storing and creating more and more fat. And, what you can do to release the weight you have stored and not create fat in this way again.


  • Recipes that work to fulfill all of your nutritional needs and taste pure and simple and totally delicious


  • Recipes that support the GUT and help to eliminate even more weight


  • Overcome your cravings by discovering what your body needs, wants and is lacking the most


  • Discover proven methods to eating for true body mind and soul satisfaction


  • Work E-books to support you with upgrading your mind set to creating a process that works for you during and beyond this detox


  • Meditations to support you, and that allow your body to continue to release trapped undigested emotions on a daily basis.


  • Discover your biggest saboteur of your weight loss efforts and how to beat it


  • How to shift your Body Shape without constant exercise


  • How to re connect with your inner spirit body, your higher wisdom so that you can be in the body you LoVe.


  • Discover the one thing you must do every day, if you want to release weight and your body image struggles, while relishing a truly nourishing experience with real food.


  • Discover the real reason you have not seen the results you wanted and how to make that change now


  • Home Detox support assistance and the most thorough Detox of the Mind, Body and Spirit


  • Daily support and motivation via a private Face Book group to raise your metabolism, be a fat burning machine and transform your metabolic rate.


  • Real community spirit and buddies to hold you accountable, so that you do the work that’s beyond any diet or detox you’ve ever done before, and that will make the utmost difference to your success with this 222 Process.

How and where do I join in?

Joining in – you will learn how to nourish yourself with foods you will absolutely love, nurture your mind and emotions so that you can ‘Overcome the Undercurrent’ that has your body holding onto and creating more fat.

You will at last discover the ‘Ultimate Body Connection’ that re connects you with your spirit as she supports you and guides you with a wisdom that will create an even juicier and richer life than you ever expected

Packaged Value: 2.2.2 Total Body ReSet




But YOUR 2.2.2. Total Body ReSet

Investment is ONLY

€222. 00


Book and pay before Thursday 29 June and get the

full package for just


There is nothing wrong with YOU or YOUR BODY!


Fiona Robertson, Age 52

Have you ever wondered if you had something wrong with you that stops you from losing weight? I Did…

IT’S OK, You’re not missing some special DNA strand that makes some women skinny and you not, or that keeps you from losing weight or living the happier contented fulfilled life that you want. That’s exactly what I thought and considered when I couldn’t lose weight. I was in enormous pain. I got super skinny for a while and then got obsessed on raw food and detoxing, basically starving myself I ate only foods I thought were ‘healthy’, and became boring to be around. Finally, my metabolism hit rock bottom and I did too.

Then the weight started to climb on and on and I couldn’t figure what was going down! It was a nightmare. I became conscious of my body at 12 years old and thought that starvation was the only route, that is still the hardest habit to break and it was my body and soul who were screaming at me and totally desperate to get my attention.

At a low point I started to meditate, You see I knew, as I always had that there was far more going on here than food in and food out. I sought out my soul to find the real reason I was suffering, and I re connected with my body and she spoke back to me. I went on my internal journey from being the Detox Diva obsessed about healthy food, to healing my emotions, the self judgments, the secret eating binges, the cravings, over thinking, chronic starvation, exhaustion and fear of food and my body. I have totally re-invented myself and my body along with my spirit’s support.

Your not broken and there is nothing wrong with you, there is however a better more integrated and far easier way to successfully lose weight and feel fully satisfied in your body, and that is to learn and practice the Four Pillars to weight loss.

  • To re connect with your body and soul, and know what she most needs, wants and is lacking the most,
  • To release undigested emotions and let go of the feelings, the repeated stories of situations and traumas that are still being held in your body and creating more and more fat.
  • To re set and re train your mind into a creative positive set of visions and practices, that will hold and support you so strongly making you feel invincible.
  • To truly nurture and nourish yourself from the inside and out, so that you can consciously reconstruct your body at a molecular and metabolic level.

You deserve to feel what it feels like to be in a body that feels invincible and to embody your own soulful, fun and wicked woman, I’ll show you how…..


A seriously awesome experience. I never knew there was so much I was missing. This taught me in just 2 months the complete and thorough process I am still happily using today, the rituals that work for me, how to feel what I want to eat, when I’m hungry, how to honor my body with what she needs. How to nourish myself on every level and why it is so important. This is life supporting and I have just had my best year ever, body, business and relationship wise.

I cannot explain how I feel now compared with when I started this journey. Its remarkable and as Fiona always insists, it has guided me to know how it feels to be in my body and how everything is attracted by the undercurrent of my feelings. We align the body and go way further than I ever knew I could. Fiona helped me master that I could feel like a Queen and internally that I stand strong and tall and feel like I am invincible.

C. Kirby