How would it feel to reconnect with the best version of yourself ?

Through a DETOX process I support women as they Release, Reset & Renew their bodies, so that they can feel strong and confident physically, and enjoy a fun and well balanced life.

Fiona Robertson
I am the author and creator of the Home Detox Box, the 7-day detox program, and your personal coach for “How to live with Emotional Eating”.
Home Detox Box
Lose weight and improve your health at home with the 7 day DIY cleanse program. Create your own virtual detox retreat
Retreat Biarritz, France
A 7 day Detox, fasting and thorough internal cleanse programs in a beautiful place between Mountains and the Sea.
Holistic Coach
I offer a unique opportunity to re connect with your intuition, your own body wisdom and make decisions based on your own instincts, intuition and inner guidance system.
Living with Emotional Eating?
Change what and how you eat forever with my unique “Living with Emotional Eating” coaching sessions.
PDQ E Book series
Your saucy little RAW recipe books. Dips, dressings and sauces for your naughtiest, taste tantalising meals ever.
Free E Book to get you started
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“FUN with Food” workshops
What if you could suspend and de condition all your pre conceived and mental beliefs around food and eating?

♥  Working along side you

Holistic Coach

What you are about to experience with coaching, will change how you approach your every day way of operating, you will find it easy to re set and re new your body daily, you will discover what best suits you, and be free to be the energized person you dream of being.

Retreats & Workshops

7 day detox, fasting and thorough internal cleansing programs, Raw food education and easy to follow recipes. 7 day Detox and Fun with food workshops, to be aware of your conditioning and beliefs around eating, for a happier healthier life.

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